The Hero and The Warden, A Romance Told in Sims
Albion Lost It’s Hero

Once upon a time there was a Hero queen. After the Crawler’s defeat, things got back to normal quickly in Albion, and Anyla got her first real taste of the true responsibilities of royalty. Before her family, monarchy hadn’t existed in Albion for over half a millennium, and after her brother and the Shadows were done with it, the people were ready to return to its roots. Yet another rebellion formed and she was overthrown. The love of her life and childhood friend, Elliot, along with any who had supported her during her own rise were brutally murdered to prove a point; Heroes and queens just didn’t belong in the new Albion.

After all she’d done, after all she’d given to them, the very people she had fought for had thrown her out. Shamed, with nothing left, Anyla fled her beloved nation to begin anew…

After weeks of traveling through unforgiving wilderness, relying only on her wits, strength, and sheer will to survive. For who would help her? What would she say to them? She made sure to avoid signs of people until she was well away from Albion’s borders, far to the east, over the massive mountain range… into a small but burgeoning town called Wilhamsburg.

Introductory Posts, While Boring, Are Needed

The first several posts will simply be introducing characters, then I’ll be slowly setting up a back story. Once this is done, I will begin posting actual storyline.

Until then, enjoy hours upon hours of “work.”

- The Bananasaurus/Candle/Anyla

P.S. If requested, I’ll list the Custom Content seen in the picture… but that involves ACTUAL work. :c

The Theirin Family

From left to right: Anora, Maric, Rowan, Alistair, and Cailen

The Hero of Brightwall

Anyla of Bowerstone

Aliases: Hero of Brightwall, Hero Queen, Thunderstrike

Weapon of Choice: Hammer

Fighting Style: Two-handed beat downs

Traits: Adventurous, Brave, Good, Star Quality, Charismatic

Life Wish: Climb the political ladder and become Queen